At ByGLOWBRIGHT we recognise that there are communities all around the world that are a lot less privileged than ourselves. Having travelled around the world over the last 10 years, both founders have witnessed living conditions that can only seem like a fictional screenplay until you see first hand how some communities live.

This is why we made a promise to each other when we first decided to launch the ByGLOW BRIGHT, in that we would use 1% of our revenues from all sales worldwide to help local communities across South East Asia overcome and improve on poor living conditions, poor hygiene as a result of contaminated water and food, as well as supporting local schools and organisations to provide teaching materials that will help give underprivileged children from within these communities the opportunity to have a better start in life and to make them confident that they can be what they want to be.

Over the next few months we will be sourcing and working with local NGOs to identify which communities have been significantly affect by the affects of COVID-19 and who have been hit the hardest with the closure of 95% of businesses during the lockdowns that have been seen across South East Asia, leaving employees without means to buy food, water and basic sanitary goods.

Once we have evaluated how we feel the money we donate will be used to give the most to the people that need it, we will update on this page and on our social media channels with a list of the registered NGOs and Charities that have chosen to work within our efforts.

All donations that are made from the sale of our ByGLOW BRIGHT products will be made on a quarterly basis and we will capture the moments of sharing the news of these donations with the NGOs, Charities and local communities, giving you the opportunity to feel close to how your purchase has contributed in the charity work we are doing.

If you feel that you have connections with Local NGOs, Charities or Local Communities within the South East Asia Region and would like to recommend that we reach out to them in order to be a part of our Charity program, please send us all the details and links for any references into the work that they do, or work that is needed. Our email address is 

Please check back in with us soon to see an update on the work we have been doing and to see how much we have donated to those communities in need so far.