Skin Transformation in 60 days and Our Brand Promise.

So when people talk about wanting  pale white, acne free, glowing and rejuvenated skin, many consumers look at creams and gels to achieve the complexion they have always dreamed of, mainly down to the fact that there are thousands of cosmetic brands out there that all focus on the core key ingredients that are stated to provide the expectations from the consumer. With most late teens and 20 years olds spending over 2 hours a day on social media, it is easy for companies to promote their products without limitation and generate loyal following for their brands.

The average woman spends between $220 and $350 per month on their appearance, with equates to a staggering $220,000 over their lifetime! However, how many of these women can actually hand on heart say that they are totally happy with the products that they are receiving?

Well,59% of women believe that even with all the products on the market and the money that they spend on their appearance, they are still not satisfied that they can get the product they really want that gives them the ultimate beauty that they are seeking.


So why am I writing this? I hear you asking yourself! Well for the last 18 months our market research and development team have carried out hundreds of consumer surveys to truly understand what the key motivators and expectations are for skin care products and what will give them a sense of accomplishment to feel they have found the right product for them.

Below I have listed the Top 5 trending Skin Care conditions that people seek to overcome:


  1. Acne and blemishes of the skin
  2. Wrinkles and skin loosening
  3. Dark skin complexion (In Asia)
  4. Blocked Pores
  5. Continual Hair Growth

Up until about two years ago, unless you were flying high with the wealthy and you could afford regular monthly visits to your local Health Beauty Clinic, finding a guaranteed and effective solution was hard to come by, especially within a price range that was affordable for most. 

All of “By Glow Bright” products have been made to give consumers from all earning groups the opportunity to get the skin and feel they want, without having to make these regular trips to the health clinic, or spend the hundreds of dollars each month buying facial creams with the hope that they give a return for the investment that has been made. 

We carried out extensive tests during the trials and tested all of our products well over two hundred times before we committed to launch them and put them under the “By Glow Bright” name. At every milestone we were seeking feedback on testing trials so that we could be confident on our claims and statistics on product effectiveness. Now, I can tell you, the last 18 months have not been smooth sailing. The trials have not always given us the desired results, which resulted in a few total redesigns, exclusions and  resubmissions, as we tweaked and improved our designs based on the studies carried out to ensure that our products live up to our company mission statement. “ByGlowbright focuses on incorporating the quality of Spa experience into the comfort of your own home”.

So we can have full faith that our products will do what they say they can do! However we won’t promise you immediate results, we won’t endorse sporadic use in order to get the full benefits from our products. If I were to tell you this now, I would be lying! 

Many other brands out there who offer similar products, will claim that their products will give you immediate change – “use for 7 days and have baby-like skin”, “Overnight success”. I am sorry to tell you that if you have been subject to some fantastic marketing speeches with these exact claims and gone ahead and bought these products, then unfortunately you have been a victim of some pretty bold false marketing.

At ByGlowbright we are confident in our products and by following the guidelines and requirements contained within the product manuals, you will get the results you are hoping for. However it does take commitment and consistency in order to see the results that our products can deliver. We do recommend that you use our products in line with our manuals for a minimum of 30 days. It is only really at this stage that you can expect to see notable differences in the skin conditions that our products treat, with the most notable results being visibly evident after 60 days of continued use!

By putting your faith and trust in our brand, we commit to offer you our money-back 60 day guarantee, a full 2 years warranty and free shipping on every purchase you make directly from us. We have a fully committed customer care team who will be here for you to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

ByGlowbright Management