At ByGLOW BRIGHT we design and quality check all products with our customers in mind through every step of the process. With British and Belgian founders, our product designs and safety / quality standard checks have all originally been organized from within the UK.

Why do our products have names I hear you ask? Well, we feel that every product we bring to the market is more than just a commercial product, With the hundreds of hours spent developing each step of the production process for every product we bring to you, we see our products as being like family. At ByGLOW BRIGHT, family, community care, health is seen as being the most important factor in our day to day lives. This means that the products we bring to our lives have to live up to the life values we have built our business on.

The days of having to travel to your local Health and Beauty Clinic to receive quality and effective skin care is well and truly over. As technology has evolved over recent years, brands have brought Skin Care devices to the market for customers to experience skin care at home. Up until now, in order to get products that actually work without painful side effects has not been cheap and affordable to most. This is why we have been spending the last 18 months developing products that not only do what they say, they do it without the painful side effects seen with other products over recent years. Not only are our products effective and of the highest quality, they are also at a price that will allow you to have amazing Skin Care Devices in the comfort of your own home..

At GLOW BRIGHT we are very committed to helping community living conditions all over Southeast Asia, however most recently we have been focusing our effort in supporting the community development in Cambodia. By choosing and purchasing one of the ByGLOW BRIGHT family of products, you too will be playing a part in our community development efforts, as we commit to donating $1 from every item sold to good causes and charity organizations. We will regularly keep all of our customers updated on our community efforts on our Webpage, Instagram and Facebook Pages.
If you would like to speak to our team about our family of products, our brand partnership opportunities or supporting our community efforts, please feel free to send us an email at

We have currently moved and registered our business operation to within Cambodia in South East Asia. In doing so, we have still maintained our Quality, Customer Care and Promises as we would if we were based within the United Kingdom.

Our Business office is located at:

ByGlow Bright (Cambodia) LTD -Company Registration Number:1000057827

#3, Street 278, Wat Langka, Boeung Keng Kang 1, Kahn Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia,12302

Tel: +85517509210